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Weekly Mowing for a Healthy Lawn in Fairfax, VA

January 21, 2019

Did you know that mowing and edging on a weekly schedule keeps your lawn healthy? While it also makes your outdoor space look organized and pretty, regular mowing prevents weeds from growing and maturing. Also, if you leave your lawn unmowed for long periods of time and then cut a lot of the length in one go, it can weaken the grass – leaving it open to diseases. Let us take the burden of mowing off of you and your family this Spring. Contact B. Rushing about what we can do for your lawn in Fairfax, VA!


Need an Efficient, Professional Crew for Your Lawn Care in Arlington, VA?

January 15, 2019

“B. Rushing did a fantastic job in getting my mulched areas and yard ready to go this year. The crew was quick, efficient and just did an overall phenomenal job. Please let the crew who performed the work in my yard know that I was extremely pleased, and I think they were all professional and proficient. Thank you again for the great job.” – J.D. in Arlington, VA

Looking for an efficient, professional crew for your lawn care? Contact B. Rushing for a consultation about your lawn needs!


Complete Lawn and Garden Maintenance in Springfield, VA

January 8, 2019

Are you tired of managing all of the different companies that work on various parts of your lawn in Springfield, VA? There’s someone for the flowers, a different person for the hedges, and then another team for the lawn mowing. With our Year Round Lawn Program, you only have one company to call for all of your lawn care and maintenance – B. Rushing! We know that it seems far away, but it’s never too early to arrange your lawn care for the Spring. Contact us today at (703) 339-0067!

Maintenance of Front Lawn in Alexandria, VA

January 4, 2019

“They’re fabulous—I’ve already suggested them to several of my neighbors. They do a great job. They did a total redo of the front lawn, and now I have them on a maintenance plan once a month.” – R.A. in Alexandria, VA

Our lawn maintenance program will include all the services you need to have a healthy lawn all year! Contact B. Rushing today, and we’ll answer any questions you have about your lawn care in 2019.